Well, hello there...

Well, hello there...

Hey lovely GD team!

It's been a hot minute since we showed our faces around here, so for those who have just joined us, its time to introduce our team.

Im Jo, and along with my partner Karl, we started Gravity Designz almost 10 years ago. Man, that seems like a long time ago when you write it!

Im responsible for all the computer-ey, admin-ey, website-ey, staff-ey stuff that goes on around here, as well as working with Karl on the marketing and design side of the business. Actually, lets be honest, we both pretty much do all the things...

Gravity Designz really feels like my baby, and has gone through a few transformations with product ranges since we started, but in this current state, she feels like she's the best version of herself. I love our mandala range, our customers are just beautiful to deal with, and we are about to add some really cool new products - some which are revived from days gone by, and others that are brand spankers.

Running this business makes me feel really alive, and I really do celebrate every time I get a notification 'ping' that one of you has placed an order. So grateful!

Will share more in the coming weeks, more behind the scenes stuff, and more about us, so you can really get to know who we are and what we are about.

In the meantime, if there's anything you would love to find out - just ask...

Thanks for being here!


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